As a Real Estate Investor I look for areas of improvement with the greatest impact, return on my dollar, and what will increase the value of our properties when appraised. We now have your company on our approved subcontractor list as a service to be used each time we acquire new Real Estate. Your skilled service contributes to our overall success and we look forward to working with you on all future properties.

Many companies have good service, but what sets Mike Tiedman of BathMasters apart from the rest is his excellent service as well as his knowledge and ability to do a wonderful job every time.
We renovate at least twenty houses a year and we have been working with Mike Tiedman to reglaze our tile, tubs, and surrounds for over five years and are very happy with his work. The tub/surrounds/tiles look brand new when he has completed the job.
Mike is friendly and professional, with great attention to detail and takes the time to do the job right and answers all our questions. 
Having run several businesses in my field, Mike is the guy everyone wants on their team.