Why refinish verses replace?
Cost is much less compared to replacement.
Replacement usually cost 3000.00 and goes up from there.
How long does refinishing take?
Typical time is from 2 hrs up to 5 hrs. Depending on how much refinishing there is to do.
Can a refinished tub be refinished again?
Yes, we can strip down a refinished tub and refinish it again.
Can a fiberglass tub with a crack be repaired?
What is the down time for a refinished tub?
24 hrs is the minimum down time.
Is the material used harmful?
No. We use only non toxic green materials.
Is the a franchise business?
No. BathMasters is a locally owned and operated co.
What is needed from a customer to complete refinishing work?
Only water and electricity are required.
Is there a warranty with the work performed?
Yes, 5 yrs. For owned and lived in by owner. 2 yrs. For rentals.
Can a tile floor be refinished?
Yes however they are not warrantied due to high traffic and objects potentially being dropped on them.
Can the color be changed on any tub or tile surface?
Can cultured marble be refinished?
Is there any tub that cannot be refinished?
Not usually, unless it has a large hole (holes) in the surface or a huge amount of rust scaling.
Will the refinished surface be shiny?
Yes, even after it is cured.
Will the refinished surface dicolor or fade?
No, the products used are uv resistant and chemical resistant.
What can be used to clean the refinished surfaced?
Any liquids approved for household cleaning fine. No cleansers or scouring pads.
How long is the life expectancy of a refinished tub?
Typically a refinished tub will last 12 to 15 yrs.